Vinicius Tessaro Set for USF Juniors Challenge with DEForce Racing After Brazilian F4 Triumph

Brazilian Formula 4 champion Vinicius Tessaro embarks on a new journey with DEForce Racing in the USF Juniors, ready to replicate his victorious performance in the USA.

Vinicius Tessaro Set for USF Juniors Challenge with DEForce Racing After Brazilian F4 Triumph

In a significant stride forward in his racing career, Vinicius Tessaro, the freshly crowned Brazilian Formula 4 champion, has set his sights on the USF Juniors, joining the ranks of DEForce Racing for the 2024 season. This decision comes as a pivotal moment for Tessaro, who demonstrated remarkable prowess in Brazilian F4, and now aims to replicate his success in the highly competitive American racing series.

The conclusion of the Brazilian F4 season last weekend marked a turning point for Tessaro and his management. After evaluating various options in American and European series, the choice to join DEForce Racing in the USA emerged as the preferred path for his burgeoning career. The Texas-based team is renowned for its success in the USF Juniors, having propelled Nicolas Giaffone to the title this year, and they seem poised to continue their winning ways with Tessaro.

Tessaro's journey to this point has been nothing short of impressive. After a strong performance in the inaugural Brazilian F4 season, where he secured four second-place finishes, Tessaro upped his game in his sophomore campaign. He notched six wins, three additional podium finishes, and clinched pole position three times, ultimately leading to his championship victory.

His move to DEForce Racing is not just a personal milestone but also a continuation of the team's tradition of nurturing Brazilian talent. Tessaro's arrival follows the signing of Bruno Ribeiro, another promising driver from Brazil's Formula Evo series. This indicates a clear strategy by DEForce Racing to blend experienced and emerging talents from Brazil, a country known for its rich motorsport heritage.

Expressing his excitement about the new challenge, Tessaro acknowledged the significance of his achievement in Brazil and his eagerness to excel in the USF Juniors. He extended his gratitude to DEForce’s team bosses, Ernesto and David Martinez, for their faith in his potential.

Meanwhile, the competition in the USF Juniors looks intense for the upcoming season. Exclusive Autosport has already secured four drivers, including Jack Jeffers, who finished third in the standings this season and will continue with the team in 2024. Jeffers' teammates will include Evan Cooley, a Radical sportscar racer transitioning to open-wheel cars, Brazilian driver Joao Vergara, and USF Juniors sophomore Giovanni Cabrera.

For Vinicius Tessaro, the shift to USF Juniors with DEForce Racing represents more than just a new racing series; it's a step towards greater challenges and potentially more significant achievements. His track record in Brazilian F4 speaks volumes about his talent and determination, qualities that will undoubtedly serve him well in the high-stakes environment of USF Juniors.

As the motorsport world turns its gaze towards the 2024 USF Juniors season, the anticipation surrounding Tessaro’s performance grows. With a championship already under his belt and the backing of a successful team like DEForce Racing, Vinicius Tessaro is on the cusp of making a substantial impact in his debut USF Juniors season, adding another exciting chapter to his already impressive racing career.