Victor Martins Clinches Prestigious Awards at FIA Formula 2 Prize Giving Ceremony

Victor Martins shines at the FIA Formula 2 Prize Giving Ceremony, winning the Anthoine Hubert Award and the Mecachrome Award for his outstanding rookie season and setting the fastest laps.

Victor Martins Clinches Prestigious Awards at FIA Formula 2 Prize Giving Ceremony

In a spectacular display of speed and skill, French racing sensation Victor Martins made a remarkable impression at this year’s FIA Formula 2 Prize Giving Ceremony in Monaco. Not only did he earn the esteemed Anthoine Hubert Award, but Martins also secured the Mecachrome Award for his exceptional performance throughout the 2023 F2 campaign. His achievements underscore his status as a rising star in the world of motorsports.

Victor Martins, driving for ART Grand Prix, has had an outstanding rookie season, setting the fastest lap times in an impressive six different races. This feat not only demonstrates his raw speed and talent but also his ability to consistently perform at the highest level under pressure. His efforts were pivotal in securing him fifth place in the Drivers’ Championship, a remarkable accomplishment for a first-year driver.

But Victor Martins' accolades didn't stop there. The Mecachrome Award, given for securing the highest number of fastest laps, highlights Martins' exceptional pace throughout the season. This achievement is a testament to both his driving prowess and the competitive edge of the ART Grand Prix team. The synergy between Martins and his team was evident, as they worked in unison to achieve top performance, ultimately helping ART Grand Prix clinch their first Teams’ title.

Speaking with pride and gratitude at the ceremony in Monaco, Martins reflected on the season’s journey. “ART and the car have helped a lot! We had a great season. This award shows just how fast we were throughout the season. It’s been a good one, a lot of ups and downs but we’ve been really fast all year long.”

The night was further illuminated by Victor Martins receiving the Anthoine Hubert Award, adding to the celebrations for the ART team. This award, named in honor of the late Anthoine Hubert, recognizes outstanding achievements and is a significant honor in the racing community. Martins' receipt of this award not only marks his success in the 2023 season but also pays homage to a beloved figure in the sport.

The FIA Formula 2 Prize Giving Ceremony was not just a night of awards but a celebration of the future of motorsport. Victor Martins, with his dual accolades, stood out as a beacon of youthful talent and potential. His achievements in the 2023 F2 campaign have set a high benchmark for upcoming seasons and have undoubtedly placed him on the radar as a driver to watch in the racing world.