Valentino Rossi to Drive BMW M4 GT3 in WEC's LMGT3 Category

Valentino Rossi, a legend in motorcycle racing, gears up for the 2024 WEC season, transitioning to car racing in the BMW M4 GT3 for the LMGT3 category. His move to Team WRT marks a thrilling new chapter in endurance racing, promising high-speed action and fresh challenges.

Valentino Rossi to Drive BMW M4 GT3 in WEC's LMGT3 Category
Photo: WEC

The upcoming World Endurance Championship (WEC) season is set to receive a massive boost as Italian racing legend Valentino Rossi prepares to embark on a new adventure. After a commendable performance testing the Oreca 07 Gibson LMP2 car in Bahrain, Rossi is all set to take on the challenges of the WEC's new LMGT3 category, piloting the BMW M4 GT3. This move marks a significant step in Rossi's illustrious career, transitioning from two wheels to four in the high-stakes world of endurance racing.

Rossi, renowned for his dominance in the world of motorcycle racing, joins the ranks of Team WRT, a top-tier Belgian racing team. His entry into the team is not just an addition of a star racer; it signifies a blend of experience, skill, and charisma into the already competitive environment of endurance racing. The No. 46 M4 GT3 car, soon to be driven by Rossi, is generating excitement and anticipation, with the motorsport community keenly waiting for the announcement of his teammates. Alongside Rossi, Brazilian racing maestro Augusto Farfus will take the wheel of the team's sister GT3 entry, bringing his wealth of experience and skill to the forefront.

Rossi's move to endurance racing is a testament to his versatility and relentless pursuit of new challenges. Speaking on his latest venture, Rossi expressed his excitement at participating in a world championship that spans across various continents. The unique format of the LMGT3 class, which involves a team of three drivers from diverse performance backgrounds, presents Rossi with an opportunity to showcase his adaptability and racing acumen. His track record and adaptability position him as a significant contender in the LMGT3 class.

Andreas Roos, the Head of Motorsport at BMW, has been vocal in his praise for Rossi’s seamless transition to endurance racing. Roos highlighted Rossi's exceptional debut at Le Mans, where he clinched a victory in the BMW M4 GT3, illustrating his natural talent and potential in car racing. Roos believes that Rossi's charisma and racing pedigree will not only bolster the team's performance but also attract a legion of fans to the FIA WEC. Furthermore, Roos underscored the importance of Augusto Farfus in the team’s strategy, citing his extensive experience and proven track record as invaluable assets to the LMGT3 program.

The 2024 WEC season is shaping up to be one of the most eagerly awaited in recent times, with Rossi's participation adding a layer of excitement and intrigue. His switch from motorcycles to cars is a significant highlight in the world of motorsports, promising a fusion of high-speed racing and stellar talent. As the motorsport community braces for more team and driver announcements, the anticipation is palpable. The inclusion of Rossi in the BMW M4 GT3 for the LMGT3 category not only brings a new dynamic to the championship but also signals a new era in endurance racing. Fans and enthusiasts around the globe are eagerly awaiting the start of the season, ready to witness Rossi's continued legacy unfold on the world stage of the WEC.