Unleashing the Thrill: Rosberg X Racing's Electrifying Journey to Glory in Extreme E 2023

Unleashing the Thrill: Rosberg X Racing's Electrifying Journey to Glory in Extreme E 2023

In a breathtaking culmination to the 2023 Extreme E series, Rosberg X Racing (RXR) clinched their second championship title in an exhilarating showdown at the Antofagasta Minerals Copper X Prix in Chile. This victory marks a testament to the team's resilience and skill in a season filled with intense competition and dramatic turns.

Our journey began under the scorching sun of NEOM, Saudi Arabia, at the Desert X Prix. RXR, with Johan Kristoffersson and Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky at the helm, kicked off the season with a promising start, earning vital points despite a penalty that overturned their initial Grand Final triumph.

The season's narrative was one of fierce rivalries and relentless pursuit. RXR's consistent performance, coupled with the innovative racing format, kept them in the limelight throughout. They faced tough challenges, notably at the Hydro X Prix, where they missed the top-three positions for the first time despite reaching both Grand Finals. A dramatic crash in Round 3 and a clash in Scotland during Round 4 saw them grappling to maintain their position in the championship race.

However, RXR's resurgence was nothing short of spectacular. The Mediterranean leg in Sardinia became the turning point, where the team's dominance was undisputed. Winning both Rounds 5 and 6, RXR showcased their prowess, catapulting them to second in the standings. This success was shadowed closely by their rivals ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team (ASXE), who took the championship lead, intensifying the competition.

As the season progressed, RXR's determination never wavered. Round 7 was a battle of resilience, with RXR navigating through a chaotic Grand Final to secure a fourth place. Round 8 saw them claw back to second position, a testament to their tenacious spirit.

The season's climax in the Atacama Desert of Chile was a spectacle of motorsport at its finest. Five teams, including RXR, entered the final with a shot at the title, a record in Extreme E's history. RXR, trailing by a mere three points, displayed exceptional skill and strategy. Despite a puncture scare, they secured a pivotal victory in Round 9 and maintained composure in the decisive moments of Round 10.

The finale was fraught with drama. ASXE initially took the lead, but a sudden turn of events, including a crash by their rival, swung the championship in RXR's favor. Despite finishing behind the winners, Veloce Racing, RXR's second-place finish was enough to claim the crown, marking a remarkable comeback in a season rife with uncertainties.

Rosberg X Racing's triumph is not just a victory but a statement of their supremacy in Extreme E. As we anticipate the 2024 season, one thing is certain: RXR has set the bar high, and the motorsport world eagerly awaits another chapter of this electrifying saga.