Triumph at Imola: Inside Team WRT's Historic LMGT3 Victory!

Dive into the thrilling saga of Team WRT's triumph at Imola, securing BMW's first-ever class win in WEC. Discover the strategic brilliance, teamwork, and emotional highs that marked this historic victory!

Triumph at Imola: Inside Team WRT's Historic LMGT3 Victory!

In a nail-biting showdown at the 6 Hours of Imola, the No.31 Team WRT trio comprising Augusto Farfus, Darren Leung, and Sean Gelael etched their names in the annals of motorsport history. Braving treacherous conditions and fierce competition, they delivered a masterclass performance that left fans on the edge of their seats.

As the rain played a capricious game with the circuit, Farfus, the seasoned veteran behind the wheel of the BMW M4, demonstrated unparalleled skill and intuition. With a track that oscillated between wet and semi-dry conditions, Farfus's ability to read the ever-changing grip levels proved pivotal in securing victory.

"It was very difficult as we had this on and off rain so much," Farfus recounted. "The rain was in different parts of the circuit, so it was pretty much a guessing game on how you push and how slippery was the surface, but I'm pretty confident in these kinds of conditions which I really like."

Navigating through a labyrinth of traffic, including the formidable Hypercars, Farfus showcased his prowess, exploiting every opportunity to gain an advantage. Despite the challenges posed by varying tire strategies and track positions, the No.31 BMW M4 surged ahead, propelled by Farfus's unwavering determination and pace.

"In LMGT3, it shows how important teamwork is because every individual has his own task force a weekend," Farfus emphasized. "You can only win if every single person executed their best."

Indeed, it was the seamless coordination and quick decision-making of the WRT team that proved instrumental in clinching victory. From strategic tire changes to split-second pitlane maneuvers, every aspect of the race was meticulously orchestrated, showcasing the team's unwavering commitment to excellence.

"It was a constant chat (on the radio) of should we go to the wet tyres, and I think we were one of the few cars on slicks even when the rain picked up," Farfus reflected, acknowledging the team's strategic prowess.

Amidst the adrenaline-fueled action, there was a poignant moment of celebration as Farfus toasted his son Johnny's seventh birthday from the podium, adding an extra layer of joy to the historic win.

As the dust settles on Imola, Team WRT and BMW stand poised for their next challenge at the TotalEnergies 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps. With momentum on their side and the spirit of victory coursing through their veins, they are ready to write the next chapter in their illustrious journey in the FIA WEC.