RM Sotheby’s and Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival: A Spectacular Fusion of Speed and Style

Gear up for the RM Sotheby’s Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival! This event promises a breathtaking blend of classic motorsport and modern luxury, set to dazzle Dubai from December 8-10.

RM Sotheby’s and Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival: A Spectacular Fusion of Speed and Style

In the world of motorsport and classic car aficionados, excitement is building for the return of the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival, proudly partnered once again with RM Sotheby’s, the global leader in collector car auctions. This year's event, set to take place from December 8 to 10 at the Dubai Autodrome, promises to be a dazzling showcase of automotive excellence, blending the thrill of classic racing with the luxury and style synonymous with Dubai.

RM Sotheby’s, known worldwide for their expertise in collector car auctions, made a significant impact at last year’s Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival. Their involvement not only elevated the event but also further established the United Arab Emirates as a central hub for car enthusiasts and motorsport events. In 2023, RM Sotheby’s and the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival are ready to set the stage once again for an unforgettable display of historic and contemporary motorcars.

Imagine a place where the iconic racing machines of the 1960s, the heroes of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and Formula One legends from the mid to late 20th century come together. The Dubai Autodrome will resonate with the roar of engines and the exhilarating pulse of speed as these legendary vehicles take to the track, providing a unique and pulse-pounding experience for spectators.

Frédéric Fatien, Founder of GP Extreme, expressed his excitement for this year's event. He emphasized that the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival is more than just a racing event; it's a celebration of classic motorsport's golden era. Fatien highlighted the event's role in capturing the thrill and allure that has made motor racing a global phenomenon.

Ghita Mejdi, Vice President of RM Sotheby’s Middle East & Africa, echoed these sentiments. She reflected on the success of the 2022 event and expressed anticipation for the upcoming 2023 Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival. With an impressive lineup of motorsport icons, RM Sotheby’s is poised to offer an unforgettable experience to fans and collectors alike.

However, the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival is not just about the racing. The event also features an array of off-track attractions, including a vibrant paddock area that will serve as a hub for exquisite cuisine, entertainment, and cultural fusion. This setting provides the perfect backdrop for racegoers to relax and enjoy the unique atmosphere of classic motor racing.

For those seeking an extra touch of luxury, the event offers exclusive hospitality packages, including access to the prestigious Gentlemen Drivers Club. This VIP experience combines world-class entertainment and cuisine, set against the backdrop of an electrifying festival atmosphere.

The RM Sotheby’s Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival is more than just a race; it's a symphony of speed, style, and automotive excellence. It's an event where history meets modernity, where the past and present of motorsport converge in a spectacular celebration. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a unique blend of racing heritage and contemporary glamour. Mark your calendars for an event that is sure to be the highlight of Dubai’s winter season!