Nordic 4: A Fresh Chapter in Scandinavian Racing

Nordic 4: A Fresh Chapter in Scandinavian Racing
Nordic 4

The motorsport scene in Scandinavia is witnessing a significant change with the evolution of Danish Formula 4 into Nordic 4. This move isn't just a renaming; it's a step towards enhancing the racing experience in the Nordic countries.

In 2022, Danish Formula 4 and the Formula Renault 1.6-spec Formula Nordic series started a collaboration, leading to the integration of their racing grids in 2023. This partnership was born out of a need to keep the racing grids full and vibrant, particularly as interest in older Formula 5 cars started to wane.

In 2024, the Danish official racing series will be known as Nordic 4, in line with FIA guidelines and with an eye on a Scandinavian-wide focus. This rebranding is about fostering talent in the region, ensuring that racing remains a feasible dream for young aspirants.

Alex Stubberup Frederichsen, the series promoter, explains the decision. “The FIA’s new car requirements would have been a financial hurdle for many in Denmark. We chose to focus on our young talents, ensuring that the sport remains accessible.”

Nordic 4 is extending its calendar to seven rounds in the upcoming season, but its essence lies in the joint experiences it offers. The series provides a platform for Danish and Swedish drivers to learn from each other, enriching their racing skills and knowledge.

The 2024 season promises excitement across Denmark and Sweden, starting at Padborg Park and moving through renowned tracks in both countries. Each race in the Nordic 4 series is an opportunity for drivers to showcase their talent and for fans to enjoy high-speed racing.

Nordic 4 represents a new era in Scandinavian motorsport, focusing on nurturing talent and fostering a spirit of collaboration. As the series prepares for its 2024 season, it stands as a testament to the evolving and dynamic nature of racing in the Nordic countries.