Nicola Lacorte Joins the Alpine Academy: A New Phase in His Motorsport Career

Nicola Lacorte Joins the Alpine Academy: A New Phase in His Motorsport Career

The motorsport world is witnessing the progression of a promising young talent, Nicola Lacorte, who has recently joined the Alpine Academy, part of the BWT Alpine F1 Team. At 16 years old, Lacorte's journey in Formula 4 has marked him as a noteworthy contender in the sport.

Lacorte's recent achievements in the 2023 Formula 4 UAE Championship and the Italian Championship with PREMA Racing have been significant. His performance peaked with a win at the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, along with securing four podium finishes, including three rookie podiums and a full class, as well as two rookie wins. These results placed him ninth overall and fifth in the rookie classification in Italian F4, and 24th overall and ninth in the rookie classification in the F4 UAE Championship.

By joining the Alpine Academy, Lacorte steps into a new phase of his career. The Academy is known for its comprehensive approach to nurturing young talent, offering access to extensive facilities and expert guidance. Lacorte will have the opportunity to develop his skills further under the mentorship of seasoned professionals at the Academy and the wider BWT Alpine F1 Team.

Lacorte himself has expressed his enthusiasm for this new chapter, acknowledging the potential for growth and development that the Alpine Academy offers. He sees this as a pivotal step in his career and personal development.

Julian Rouse, Interim Sporting Director for the BWT Alpine F1 Team, notes the importance of bringing new talent into their program and is optimistic about Lacorte's potential contribution to the team. The Academy aims to support him in his development as a driver, providing guidance both on and off the track.

As Nicola Lacorte begins his tenure with the Alpine Academy, his progress will be closely watched by those following the motorsport scene. This step represents not only a significant opportunity for Lacorte but also the Academy's ongoing commitment to fostering new talent in the world of racing.

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