Martin Doubek Triumphs in Spain Amid Team Tension

Martin Doubek claims victory in EuroNASCAR 2 at Valencia, overcoming a clash with teammate Gil Linster. His win marks a significant comeback and sparks hopes for a second championship title.

Martin Doubek Triumphs in Spain Amid Team Tension

In a dramatic return to form, Martin Doubek captured his first victory in over three years at the NASCAR GP Spain, held at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo. This win not only signaled a potential resurgence in his racing career but also reignited his aspirations to become the first two-time EuroNASCAR 2 champion.

The race weekend was not without its tensions, particularly highlighted by a contentious moment with his teammate Gil Linster right from the start. Doubek managed to take the lead from Linster in the opening lap, but contact between them at the exit of turn 1 led to visible friction and a punctured tire for Linster, which significantly hampered his race.

Despite the early scuffle, Doubek showed remarkable focus and led all 15 laps of the race. He faced stiff competition from Race Art Technology's Thomas Toffel and later from Patrick Schober of RDV Competition. Schober closed in towards the end of the race, but Doubek maintained his lead, crossing the finish line with a comfortable margin of 1.938 seconds ahead of Schober.

Reflecting on his victory, Doubek was ecstatic yet reflective, "I'm really happy with how we performed from start to finish. This victory, after a dry spell of two and a half years, feels incredibly rewarding. There was confusion in the first turn, but overall, it was a clean and strong start for me."

The race also saw its fair share of penalties and tight competition further down the order. Thomas Toffel was initially third but received a five-second penalty for a track limits violation, which promoted Claudio Cappelli to third place. Cappelli's performance also earned him a win in the Legend Trophy for drivers aged 40 and over.

Young talent also shone brightly, with Julien Rehberg impressing as the top Rookie Trophy driver, finishing seventh overall and far exceeding his own expectations for the race.

The friction between Linster and Doubek reached a peak post-race, with Linster expressing disappointment over what he perceived as overly aggressive racing tactics from Doubek. "It was a very silly move on his part," Linster commented, reflecting on the clash that nearly derailed his race from the outset.

As the teams and drivers prepare for the next race, all eyes will be on how this tension resolves—or escalates—on the track. The continuation of the 2024 NASCAR GP Spain promises more excitement and perhaps more drama, with all the action available live on EuroNASCAR’s YouTube channel and various TV stations worldwide.