Mari Boya: A New Era Begins with Campos Racing in Formula 3

Mari Boya joins Campos Racing for a second season in Formula 3, bringing optimism and a track record of success. This collaboration marks a new era in his career, promising exciting developments in the 2024 campaign.

Mari Boya: A New Era Begins with Campos Racing in Formula 3

Mari Boya, the 19-year-old Spanish sensation, is all set to ignite the Formula 3 circuits once again, as he gears up for his second season with the prestigious Campos Racing team. This collaboration, brimming with national pride and immense talent, marks a significant milestone in Boya's rapidly ascending career. As we delve into Mari Boya's journey with Campos Racing in Formula 3, the excitement and potential for success are palpable.

Boya's first season in Formula 3, representing MP Motorsport, was nothing short of impressive. He graced the podium, showcasing his innate racing prowess. Alongside his Formula 3 endeavors, Boya's remarkable performance in Eurocup-3 cannot be overlooked. Finishing second with five spectacular wins under his belt, Boya has unequivocally stamped his authority as a force to be reckoned with in the motorsport world.

The post-season tests in Jerez, Barcelona, and Imola in October were a revelation for Boya. His optimism shines through as he reflects on these experiences. "I feel super happy to be joining Campos Racing for a second season of FIA Formula 3. I feel motivated and confident following such positive post-season testing," Boya expressed with conviction. This isn't just another racing season for Boya; it's the dawn of a new era, an opportunity to weave his name into the annals of Formula 3 history with Campos Racing.

Tracing Boya's journey back to his roots, his career trajectory has been nothing short of a motorsport fairy tale. From clinching the Vice-Champion title in Spanish F4 in 2020 with three wins and 14 podiums, to his consistent growth through the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine, Boya's path has been one of relentless pursuit and undeniable talent. His step up to F3 in 2023 was a testament to his skill and determination.

Campos Racing, a team renowned for nurturing Spanish talents, has expressed immense confidence in Boya. Team Principal Adrián Campos shared, "Mari is one of the most talented drivers in the field. His rookie season had several highlights, and we believe the best is still to come with more experience." This partnership between Boya and Campos Racing isn't just about races and podiums; it's a fusion of talent, experience, and national pride.

As the 2024 Formula 3 season approaches, the motorsport community buzzes with anticipation. Mari Boya, with the backing of Campos Racing, is not just participating; he is on a mission. A mission to conquer, to surpass expectations, and to etch his name as a luminary in the world of Formula 3. The synergy between Boya and Campos Racing is electrifying, promising a season filled with adrenaline, triumphs, and perhaps, the birth of a new legend in the realm of Formula 3.