Maffi Racing Gears Up for an Electrifying 2024 in the Italian Formula 4 Championship

Maffi Racing Gears Up for an Electrifying 2024 in the Italian Formula 4 Championship

As we speed into the 2024 Italian Formula 4 Championship, all eyes are on Maffi Racing, the Geneva-based powerhouse, gearing up for an adrenaline-fueled season. This year, they're bringing a blend of familiar talent and fresh ambition to the track with drivers Gabriel Holguin and Nathanael Berreby.

Gabriel Holguin: The Venezuelan Prodigy

Gabriel Holguin, hailing from Venezuela, isn't a stranger to the high-octane world of Italian F4. After a stellar test program with Maffi Racing in 2023, Holguin made his mark at the Paul Ricard circuit. His debut was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing his quick adaptation to the fiercely competitive environment. This experience has laid a solid foundation for Holguin as he gears up for the full Championship in 2024, donning the Maffi Racing colors with pride and determination.

Nathanael Berreby: The Swiss Sensation

Joining Holguin is Nathanael Berreby, the Swiss driving sensation poised to make his debut on the grid. Berreby's entire 2023 was dedicated to rigorous preparation, honing his skills for the upcoming challenge. His partnership with Maffi Racing is extensive, kicking off with the F4 Winter Series in February. Berreby is also set to compete in the FIA CEZ F4, alongside his presence in the Italian championship. With a focus on learning from the world's best young drivers, Berreby is a name to watch this season.

Alex Thouvenin: The Visionary Leader

Under the leadership of Alex Thouvenin, General Director of Maffi Racing, the team is more than ready to dive back into competitive racing. After a year of strengthening their foundation and launching a driver development program, Maffi Racing is poised for success. Partners like Furlan Marri and Don-Kayde, joining forces with existing collaborators like KartBox and Kattard Genève, further bolster the team's prospects.

A Promising Year Ahead

Maffi Racing, co-founded by the trio of Daniel Maffi, Alex Thouvenin, and Cristian Maffi, is set for an electrifying 2024. With a blend of established talent and emerging stars, their journey in the Italian F4 Championship is not just about racing; it's about passion, precision, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As they say in the world of racing, "To finish first, you must first finish." With Holguin and Berreby at the wheel, Maffi Racing is on track for a season filled with thrilling moments and potential podium finishes.

Stay tuned as we follow their journey through the 2024 season, where speed, strategy, and skill converge on the exhilarating tracks of Italian Formula 4!