Kucharczyk Dominates Silverstone Circuit to Secure First GB3 Championship Victory

Kucharczyk Dominates Silverstone Circuit to Secure First GB3 Championship Victory

Hitech Pulse-Eight's Tymek Kucharczyk showcased a commanding performance as he led from start to finish, clinching his inaugural victory in the GB3 Championship at Silverstone.

Securing a double pole position in qualifying, Kucharczyk executed a flawless start and swiftly extended his lead over the pursuing pack, ultimately crossing the finish line ahead of Elite Motorsport's McKenzy Cresswell and teammate Will Macintyre.

Maintaining his composure amidst the challenges, championship leader Louis Sharp of Rodin Motorsport secured fourth place after a spirited mid-race battle with teammate Ugo Ugochukwu, who later conceded position to Hitech Pulse-Eight's Gerrard Xie, securing fifth, while Ugochukwu settled for sixth.

Elite's Jarrod Waberski showcased a commendable performance, ascending to seventh place after a captivating duel with James Hedley of VRD Racing by Arden, who secured eighth position.

A noteworthy feat was achieved by FIA F3 race winner Martinius Stenshorne, who demonstrated remarkable progress from 14th on the grid to secure ninth place for Chris Dittmann Racing, finishing ahead of JHR Developments' John Bennett, who maintained his 10th place starting position.

However, the spotlight remained on Kucharczyk, who dominated the race from start to finish. His victory, eight seconds clear across 10 laps, stands as one of the largest winning margins in GB3 history. With the opportunity to replicate his success from pole position in the forthcoming race, Kucharczyk has solidified his position as a formidable contender in the championship.

GB3 Championship, partnered by the BRDC, Silverstone provisional race one result:

  1. Tymek Kucharczyk, Hitech Pulse-Eight, 10 laps
  2. McKenzy Cresswell, Elite Motorsport, +7.855s
  3. Will MacIntyre, Hitech Pulse-Eight, +9.503s
  4. Louis Sharp, Rodin Motorsport, +12.222s
  5. Gerrard Xie, Hitech Pulse-Eight, +12.879s
  6. Ugo Ugochukwu, Rodin Motorsport, +14.776s
  7. Jarrod Waberski, Elite Motorsport, +16.607s
  8. James Hedley, VRD by Arden, +17.481s
  9. Martinius Stenshorne, Chris Dittmann Racing, +18.149s
  10. John Bennett, JHR Developments, +20.078s
  11. Patrick Heuzenroeder, JHR Developments, +21.350s
  12. Josh Irfan, JHR Developments, +21.723s
  13. Colin Queen, Fortec Motorsports, +27.669s
  14. Shawn Rashid, VRD by Arden, +27.784s
  15. Hugo Schwarze, Elite Motorsport, +31.127s
  16. Arthur Rogeon, Rodin Motorsport, +31.191s
  17. Edward Pearson, Fortec Motorsport, +31.914s
  18. Adi Kulkarni, Hillspeed, +34.686s
  19. Seb Murray, Chris Dittmann Racing, +36.023s
  20. James Wharton, Fortec Motorsport, +35.828s
  21. Flynn Jackes, Chris Dittmann Racing, +37.002s
  22. Noah Ping, VRD by Arden, +37.391s