Flynn Jackes: A Triumphant Return to GB3 with Chris Dittmann Racing

Flynn Jackes' return to GB3 with Chris Dittmann Racing marks a new chapter in his motorsport career, promising excitement and growth in the competitive 2024 season.

Flynn Jackes: A Triumphant Return to GB3 with Chris Dittmann Racing

After a hiatus of over two years, Flynn Jackes is making a highly anticipated comeback to the GB3 series, joining the esteemed Chris Dittmann Racing (CDR) lineup for the 2024 season. This move not only marks a significant milestone in Jackes' career but also highlights the global journey that has shaped him into a promising talent in motorsport.

Born in the Philippines, Flynn Jackes embarked on his motorsport journey in the competitive arenas of East Asian karting, quickly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with. His early career saw him clinching the Asian champion title in Mini-ROK karts, a feat that set the stage for his international aspirations. Jackes' karting prowess took him to Australia, where he continued to excel in the national championship, showcasing his adaptability and skill across diverse racing environments.

The young driver's ambition and talent even led him to Europe, where he participated in the South Garda Winter Cup in Mini-ROK in 2015, outpacing several future single-seater racers. In 2017, Jackes' journey through the ranks of karting continued with a commendable performance in the WSK Super Master Series in OK-Junior, further proving his potential on the international stage.

Despite his first single-seater tests occurring seven years ago in a Formula 4 car in Australia, it wasn't until the 2021 GB3 finale at Donington Park that Jackes made his racing debut in the series. His initial foray into GB3 racing saw him secure a best finish of 17th, a respectable achievement that hinted at the potential waiting to be unleashed.

The recent announcement by Chris Dittmann Racing to sign Flynn Jackes to its GB3 lineup in 2024 has reignited excitement around his career. This decision comes 28 months after Jackes' last appearance in the series, a period during which he has continued to hone his skills and prepare for a full-season campaign. Jackes' return to GB3, this time with CDR, is a testament to his dedication and the high regard in which he is held within the motorsport community.

Jackes expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity, emphasizing his eagerness to compete in such a highly competitive championship. His return to GB3 with Chris Dittmann Racing is seen as a crucial step in his development as a driver, offering him the platform to showcase his talent and ambition on a larger scale.

Chris Dittmann, the team owner, echoed this sentiment, praising Jackes' potential and expressing confidence in the team's ability to support his continued development. The partnership between Flynn Jackes and Chris Dittmann Racing is poised to be one of the most closely watched narratives of the 2024 GB3 season, as they embark on a journey filled with potential for success and growth.