Electrifying Excitement: Formula E's Season 10 Set to Break Records and Introduce New Venues

Get ready for Formula E's historic 10th season with new venues in Italy and the US. Experience electrifying racing and sustainable innovation like never before!

Electrifying Excitement: Formula E's Season 10 Set to Break Records and Introduce New Venues

The world of electric motorsport is gearing up for a groundbreaking year as Formula E enters its tenth season. The upcoming ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is poised to deliver its most expansive calendar yet, featuring 17 races, including new and thrilling venues.

Revving Up in Misano and Doubling Down in Portland

Formula E's commitment to innovation and excitement is evident in its latest addition - Italy's Misano World Circuit. Known for its high-octane MotoGP races and as the stomping ground of the legendary Valentino Rossi, Misano is now set to electrify fans with the unique buzz of electric racing. The action in Misano isn't just a one-off; it's part of a grander scheme of bringing electric racing to iconic locations worldwide.

Portland, a city that embraced Formula E with open arms last season, is ramping up the excitement by hosting a doubleheader weekend. This move not only satisfies the growing appetite of American fans but also cements Formula E's place in the global motorsports landscape.

Sustainable Racing: A Legacy of Innovation

As we gear up for these electrifying events, it's essential to remember what sets Formula E apart: its unwavering commitment to sustainability. This isn't just racing; it's a vision for the future of motorsport. The championship proudly stands as the first sport with a net zero carbon footprint since its inception, demonstrating that high-speed thrills can coexist with environmental consciousness.

Italian E-Prix: A Celebration of Motorsport and Sustainability

The announcement of Misano as the new Italian E-Prix host is a testament to Italy's embrace of sustainable mobility. Italian officials see Formula E as more than a race; it's a symbol of hope and technological advancement. This event is set to be a spectacular showcase of the harmonious blend of traditional motorsport passion and future-forward electric technology.

Portland's Double Header: A Testament to American Enthusiasm

Portland's expansion to a doubleheader is not just about adding more races; it's a response to the overwhelming enthusiasm shown by fans, teams, and organizers alike. This move underscores Formula E's growing footprint in the American market, a region ripe with potential for the electric revolution.

A Global Journey: From Mexico City to London

Season 10 is more than a series of races; it's a global journey that takes fans from the bustling streets of Mexico City to the iconic backdrop of London. Each location is carefully chosen to reflect Formula E's ethos: a blend of heritage, innovation, and sustainability.

Tokyo and Shanghai: New Frontiers in Electric Racing

The introduction of races in Tokyo and Shanghai marks a significant milestone. These cities are not just metropolitan hubs; they are beacons of technological advancement and environmental consciousness. Racing in these locations is a powerful statement - Formula E is driving the future forward, one city at a time.

Join the Electric Revolution

As we count down to the start of Season 10, it's clear that Formula E isn't just about the thrill of the race. It's about pioneering a sustainable future, embracing technological innovation, and bringing together a global community of fans. Get ready to be part of this exciting journey, where every turn brings us closer to a greener, more thrilling future in motorsports.