Cian Shields Joins Hitech Pulse-Eight for the 2024 Formula 3 Season

Rising motorsport star Cian Shields joins Hitech Pulse-Eight for the 2024 Formula 3 Season, promising an electrifying journey for the team and fans alike. Shields' ascent in the world of racing marks a thrilling new chapter in Formula 3.

Cian Shields Joins Hitech Pulse-Eight for the 2024 Formula 3 Season

In an exciting development for the 2024 Formula 3 Season, Hitech Pulse-Eight has announced the addition of Cian Shields to their team, marking a significant step in the young driver's ascending career. Shields, an 18-year-old talent, is set to advance to the third tier of racing following a remarkable performance in the Euroformula Open Championship.

The announcement that Cian Shields will be driving for Hitech Pulse-Eight in the 2024 Formula 3 Season has generated buzz in the motorsports community. Shields, who earned the Vice Champion title this year with an impressive record of four wins and 10 podiums, is now ready to take on the challenges of Formula 3.

Shields' transition to Formula 3 was foreshadowed by his commendable performance in the post-season tests, where he earned the sixth-fastest time on the second day of running in Jerez. Reflecting on the prospect of his rookie season, Shields expressed his enthusiasm: “I am excited to join Hitech in FIA F3 next year. Having raced with the team in GB3 in 2022, I am confident in their support as I develop in my rookie season. I eagerly anticipate the season's start in Bahrain!”

Cian Shields’ journey in motorsports began with karting in 2016, showcasing his potential early on by achieving third in the IAME Winter Cup X30 Junior category and later becoming the Champion in the IAME Series Benelux Junior category in 2019. His graduation to single-seaters in 2022 saw him compete in the GB3 Championship with Hitech, where he finished 13th in the Standings with one victory and two podiums.

The partnership between Cian Shields and Hitech Pulse-Eight for the 2024 Formula 3 Season is a reunion of sorts, as Shields will rejoin the British team with whom he achieved notable success in GB3. He will be partnering with compatriot Luke Browning and fellow rookie Martinius Stenshorne in the upcoming season.

Paul Bellringer, Hitech’s F3 Team Manager, shared his excitement: “We are delighted to add Cian to our Formula 3 line-up for next season. His ability, demonstrated in last year's GB3 Championship with a win and podiums, makes us confident in a successful season ahead.”

Cian Shields’ move to Hitech Pulse-Eight for the 2024 Formula 3 Season is not just a progression in his career; it's a testament to his dedication, skill, and the promise of thrilling races ahead. With Shields' talent and Hitech's expertise, the 2024 Formula 3 Season is shaping up to be an exhilarating showcase of young talent and competitive racing.

In summary, the motorsport world eagerly awaits Cian Shields' debut with Hitech Pulse-Eight in the 2024 Formula 3 Season. His remarkable ascent in racing, coupled with Hitech's proven track record, sets the stage for what promises to be an electrifying season in the world of Formula 3.