Chloe Chambers Set to Accelerate in F1 Academy with Haas and Campos Racing

Chloe Chambers joins the 2024 F1 Academy with Haas and Campos Racing, marking a significant moment in motorsports. Her journey from karting to F1 Academy embodies determination and talent, inspiring a new generation of female racers to pursue their dreams in the high-speed world of racing.

Chloe Chambers Set to Accelerate in F1 Academy with Haas and Campos Racing

In a groundbreaking move for women in motorsports, American racing prodigy Chloe Chambers is all set to join the 2024 F1 Academy grid, representing the prestigious MoneyGram Haas F1 Team with Campos Racing. At just 19 years old, Chambers is poised to make significant strides in her racing career, demonstrating her prowess and determination in the high-octane world of Formula 1 Academy racing.

Chloe Chambers' journey in motorsport is a story of passion, dedication, and groundbreaking achievements. Beginning her racing career in karting at the tender age of eight, she quickly ascended through the ranks, clinching several regional and national championships. In 2020, Chambers skyrocketed to fame by setting a Guinness World Record for the fastest vehicle slalom, a testament to her exceptional driving skills and precision.

Progressing swiftly, Chambers ventured into single-seaters in the Formula 4 United States Championship, showcasing her versatility and adaptability on the track. Her transition to the W Series in 2022 was a natural progression, further honing her racing capabilities. Last year, Chambers etched her name in history in the Castrol Toyota Formula Regional Oceania Championship, becoming the first woman to achieve a pole position start and a race win, a remarkable milestone in the series.

Chloe Chambers' excitement about joining the F1 Academy with Haas and Campos Racing is palpable. "Joining MoneyGram Haas F1 Team and Campos Racing in F1 Academy is a thrilling step forward in my career," said Chambers. "The support from Haas opens up incredible opportunities for growth and learning. I'm particularly excited for the Miami race, my home race, and my debut season in F1 Academy. The winter testing with Campos Racing has been phenomenal, and our synergy promises great potential."

Ayao Komatsu, Haas Team Principal, expressed his enthusiasm for Chambers joining the team. "As someone who understands the value of representation in motorsport, it's fantastic to welcome Chloe to the team," Komatsu stated. "MoneyGram Haas F1 Team is committed to supporting F1 Academy's goals and nurturing young female talent in the sport. We're excited to utilize our resources to further this mission."

Chambers' entry into F1 Academy with Haas and Campos Racing is not just a personal triumph but a significant step towards diversifying the sport and inspiring the next generation of female racers. Her trailblazing path from karting to the F1 Academy encapsulates the spirit of determination and excellence, setting a stellar example for aspiring racers worldwide.

As the motorsport community gears up for the 2024 F1 Academy season, all eyes are on Chloe Chambers, who is ready to showcase her talent and drive on the global stage. Her partnership with MoneyGram Haas F1 Team and Campos Racing marks a new era in motorsports, where talent, irrespective of gender, gets the spotlight it truly deserves.