Aussie Offroad Veterans Set to Conquer the Dakar Rally

Aussie Offroad Veterans Set to Conquer the Dakar Rally
Photo by Martin Sanchez / Unsplash

As the calendar flips to a new year, the thrilling world of offroad racing is buzzing with excitement. Two of Australia's seasoned racers, Glenn Brinkman and Dale Moscatt, are gearing up for an adventure of a lifetime at the Dakar Rally, a beacon of motorsport endurance and skill.

Chasing the Dakar Dream in the T3 Class

Brinkman, an offroad stalwart with three decades of racing under his belt, and his reliable co-driver Moscatt, will be commanding the #326 Zephyr T3 in the T3.1: Lightweight Prototype Cross-Country class. This dynamic duo has already made waves in this year's Motorsport Australia Off Road Championship, clinching second place in the SXS Pro class and securing a commendable seventh in the overall standings.

A Partnership Forged on the Tracks

The team's journey to Dakar was catalyzed by Moscatt's introduction of Brinkman to the French team PH-Sport. This partnership blossomed at the 2022 Rally-Raid Rallye du Maroc event, setting the stage for their Dakar Rally debut in 2024.

The Ultimate Motorsport Challenge

The Dakar Rally, slated to roar across the challenging terrains of Saudi Arabia from January 5-19, is more than just a race; it's a pilgrimage for motorsport enthusiasts. Echoing the sentiments of legends like F1's Fernando Alonso and Monaco's Prince Albert II, Brinkman views the Dakar Rally as a pinnacle of racing experiences, a dream that transcends the quest for trophies.

A Testament of Resilience and Passion

Despite a harrowing crash at the Finke Desert Race, Brinkman and Moscatt's resilience shone through as they secured a second-place finish in the SXS Pro class in 2023. Their journey to Dakar is fueled by a shared passion for rally-raid and the relentless pursuit of extreme challenges.

Moscatt: A Dakar Veteran's Insight

For Moscatt, Dakar is not just a race; it's a passion ignited back in 2016, alongside Peter Jerie, and rekindled in 2022 with Molly Taylor, the first Australian woman to compete in the Dakar Rally. His experiences, coupled with his long-standing camaraderie with Brinkman, form the cornerstone of their strategy for Dakar.

A Unique Approach to Racing

Unlike many competitors, Brinkman views rallying as a hobby, a stark contrast to Moscatt's professional approach. This blend of perspectives brings a unique flavor to their race strategy, focusing on the experience over results. Their preparation, while constrained by a limited budget, is comprehensive, aiming to tackle the myriad of surprises the Dakar Rally is known for.

Final Thoughts: Racing at Their Own Pace

As Brinkman and Moscatt prepare for the Dakar Rally, they emphasize the importance of running their own race at their own pace. Their story is a testament to the spirit of offroad racing, where the journey is as significant as the destination.