Alpine A424 Excels in Endurance Test at Motorland Aragón Ahead of Racing Season

In a pivotal endurance test, the Alpine A424 covered an impressive 5,027 km at Motorland Aragón. Despite minor issues, the session was a triumph in reliability and performance tuning, marking a significant step in the car's development for the upcoming racing season.

Alpine A424 Excels in Endurance Test at Motorland Aragón Ahead of Racing Season

The Alpine A424 recently showcased its endurance capabilities in a remarkable test session at Motorland Aragón. This session marked the fourth round of testing and the first in an endurance format, providing a unique opportunity to push the A424 to its limits. Alpine aimed high, targeting a 5,400-kilometer run over 30 hours. While falling slightly short of this goal, the A424 impressively covered 5,027 kilometers, overcoming early challenges like a puncture and more complex issues like turbo, oil, water, and electrical problems.

Motorland Aragón, with its high-speed straights akin to those at Le Mans, offered the perfect backdrop for this endurance trial. The Alpine team's primary goal was to probe the car's reliability and identify areas for improvement. Despite some technical difficulties, the team emerged with valuable insights and a commendable mileage achievement.

Reliability wasn't the only focus; the team also concentrated on refining the car's general setup. They worked on adapting the car to race conditions and enhancing their understanding of the Michelin tyres, particularly in terms of performance on cold tracks and during prolonged stints.

Concurrently, at the Windshear wind tunnel in North Carolina, the Alpine team conducted IMSA official tests with a second A424, marking the initial phase of the homologation process.

Bruno Famin, VP of Alpine Motorsports, expressed his satisfaction with the test's outcome. He acknowledged the challenges they encountered but emphasized the invaluable learning opportunity they presented. With the racing season's start looming, the team is focused on addressing these issues and optimizing the car's performance.

Philippe Sinault, Manager of the Alpine Endurance Team, highlighted the importance of this endurance session. By simulating race conditions, the team gained practical experience in various race scenarios. This hands-on approach is pivotal for the team's preparedness for the upcoming season.

Charles Milesi, a driver for the Alpine Endurance Team, reflected on the progress made since the A424's initial runs. He emphasized the significance of the endurance format in the car's development and the team's collective effort in advancing the project.

In summary, the Alpine A424's endurance test at Motorland Aragón was not just a trial of distance but a comprehensive exercise in performance, reliability, and teamwork. As the team looks forward to the next session in Portimão and the upcoming season, this test will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the car's future success.