Alex Ninovic: Rodin Carlin's First Signing for the Thrilling 2024 British Formula 4 Season

Alex Ninovic, the Australian karting champion, makes a significant leap as Rodin Carlin's first signing for the 2024 British Formula 4 season, promising an exhilarating journey filled with potential and racing prowess.

Alex Ninovic: Rodin Carlin's First Signing for the Thrilling 2024 British Formula 4 Season
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Rodin Carlin has made a strategic move ahead of the 2024 British Formula 4 season, announcing the signing of Alex Ninovic, a rising star in the world of motorsports. The 16-year-old Australian talent, known for his impressive debut in the Spanish F4 championship, is now set to bring his skills and enthusiasm to one of the most competitive junior racing series in the UK.

Ninovic's journey to the 2024 British Formula 4 championship with Rodin Carlin is a story of relentless pursuit and passion for racing. His experience with the team in the Spanish F4 championship, where he secured a commendable 10th in the standings and achieved a podium finish, laid a solid foundation for his entry into British F4. This step marks a significant progression in Ninovic's racing career, as he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his rookie campaign in single-seater racing.

Before making waves in European circuits, Ninovic dominated the karting scene in his home country. In 2022, he clinched the national championship in KA3 Senior karts, following his success as the KA4 Junior champion the previous year. These victories in Australia were crucial stepping stones, showcasing his natural talent and ability to adapt to different racing formats.

"I’m super excited and can’t wait to continue flying the Rodin Cars flag into the 2024 British F4 championship," Ninovic expressed with palpable enthusiasm. His gratitude towards Rodin Cars for their unwavering support is evident, as he acknowledges the opportunity to race again this season and build on the learnings from his European stint.

Stephanie Carlin, the team principal of Carlin’s F4 operation in F1 Academy, commented on Ninovic's progression, "I’m so pleased that Alex will be remaining with the team and making the move to British F4." She reflected on his positive debut season in Europe, emphasizing his remarkable growth and his first podium in Valencia. Carlin’s confidence in Ninovic's ability to excel in the British F4 is a testament to his potential and the promise he holds for the upcoming season.

In a significant development for Carlin, Stephanie Carlin will be transitioning from her role with the family's team to become McLaren’s Formula 1 business operations director. This move will also involve overseeing McLaren’s involvement in F1 Academy, marked by the branding of several cars. Her husband, Trevor Carlin, recently stepped down as a director of the team’s holding company, leaving his trackside roles for the next season unconfirmed.

As the 2024 British Formula 4 season approaches, all eyes will be on Alex Ninovic, Rodin Carlin’s first signing. His ascension from karting champion in Australia to a promising talent in European circuits, and now to a contender in British F4, outlines a journey filled with determination, skill, and a relentless drive to excel. Ninovic’s move to British F4 with Rodin Carlin is more than just a transfer; it’s a stepping stone in his burgeoning career, showcasing the spirit and ambition of a young racer poised for success.